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Web Application Development

CF Foundry transcends your typical traditional marketing company by providing full web application development capabilities. For clients where a website doesn't provide sufficient functionality, web-based applications extend the services provided to enable your business goals. CF Foundry web applications can automate your critical business processes and distribute accessibility to a global level, providing instant access from traditional PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

CF Foundry has deployed several different types of web applications, including:

  • Intranets / Extranets - Information portals that allow you to share select information (database records, documents, etc.) with select internal or external users through an intuitive, secure environment.
  • Knowledge Management (KM) - Our KM portals allow clients to quickly and easily locate the specific information that they need to fulfill service requests, sales support requests, support trouble tickets, etc.
  • Custom eCommerce Apps - For when your electronic commerce needs exceed the capabilities of a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) shopping cart.
  • Recruiter Networks - Matching recruiters with candidates to recruiters with candidates, automating the splits payment processing, managing job listings, and other core requirements for recruiter networks.

CF Foundry builds web applications on robust n-tiered, load balanced, J2EE application frameworks to scale from a handful of users to thousands of concurrent users distributed across multiple load-balanced servers. The J2EE application framework and server-side scripting languages like ColdFusion provide extensibility and interoperability, allowing future functionality to be added at any time and allowing data sharing between the application and other systems of record, such as SaleForce.com, Google Trusted Site, etc.