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Print Media Marketing Services

CF Foundry creates a wide array of print and electronic collaterals for brand reinforcement, revenue generation, sales leave-behinds, lead generation, and other activities. Mini-CDs, trifolds, sales slicks, and other collaterals can be key to effectively conveying your unique value proposition. Collaterals paint an image of the value that your company can bring to others and represent your company when and where you can't. As mailers, leave-behinds, trade show supporting tools, or product/service educational pieces, collaterals augment direct sales activities and compel action by your prospect. Through the integration of elegant design, captivating visuals, compelling copy and great imagery, our collaterals will effectively communicate your message, engage prospects and motivate them into action.

CF Foundry has worked with companies of all sizes to solve their brochure and collateral needs. From sole proprietors to large business, collaterals present a solution for effectively engaging markets. With the advent of digital printing and electronic collateral solutions (such as mini-CDs/business card CDs), collaterals can now remain adaptive and response to market changes, product evolution, and other needs that you may have to update your collaterals. To convey complex information or to create a greater market impact, CF Foundry can create unique packaging designs for you that will differentiate you from your competitors and exemplify your the superiority of your products/services.