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ColdFusion Development

Since its inception, CF Foundry has been a ColdFusion development shop. The majority of CF Foundry websites and web applications are deployed using ColdFusion, J2EE, SQL Server, and Mura Content Management System (CMS). This allows CF Foundry to offer clients a highly extensible and scalable platform, while still supporting a rapid application development (RAD) environment to launch sites quickly and easily.

For clients that need ColdFusion development and coding support, CF Foundry can work with your coding staff or completely take over your ColdFusion project maintenance. CF Foundry has experience migrating applications from ASP, Lotus Notes, and other platforms to a J2EE platform, as well as developing complete custom applications from scratch. Click the link for more information about CF Foundry web applications.

Rebuilding ColdFusion Websites

Do you presently have a website programmed in ColdFusion and need help maintaining it? CF Foundry develops new websites, as well as maintains and rebuild existing websites in ColdFusion. Many existing websites that are written in ColdFusion are legacy sites that lack support for modern web frameworks that users have become accustom to, such as mobile device support. In addition, these legacy ColdFusion websites lack content management systems, search engine optimization, and other core features that are critical for the website owners to maintain the websites themselves and grow their businesses. CF Foundry will convert these sites over to Mura and updated web frameworks to support the needs of website owners and their customers, modernizing and breathing new life into legacy ColdFusion websites.

Application Cloud Hosting Support

At CF Foundry we maintain our own ColdFusion server arrays, n-tiered network architecture, enterprise firewalls, honeypot testing facilities, etc. These cloud hosting facilities allow us to provide basic hosting services for standard websites, as well as advanced hosting environments with dedicated servers, load balancing, and other support services for complete SaaS applications and custom, large-scale enterprise applications.

We can migrate your website or web-based applications or establishing an isolated testing facility quickly and easily. CF Foundry also networks with other Atlanta ColdFusion Developers for ColdFusion development services.