CF Foundry Announces Services Migration to QTS Data Centers

CF Foundry Announces Services Migration to QTS Data Centers

Starting at the beginning of December, 2017, the team at CF Foundry began relocating all hosting services and related equipment to QTS in Suwanee, GA. This move allows CF Foundry to scale to ever-increasing customer needs, offering the hosting services and reliability of a Tier 1 data center.

QTS operates many data center worldwide and provides a wide array of data services for customers with critical services availability, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. The QTS data cetner in Suwanee is home to some of QTS' largest customers and officers our clients:

  • 370,000 sq. ft. facility of professional data center operations
  • Home to the QTS Network Operations Center for all QTS facilities
  • 24x7x365 operations and monitoring
  • Office and conference room spaces on-site
  • Dual reinforced foor rated up to 125 MPH winds
  • Multiple, diverse internet feeds into the building, including multiple central office redundancy
  • Four redundant Georgia Power untility feeds
  • Three unique facility-wide UPS systems
  • Six 2MW Caterpillar diesel generators for backup power to all critical systems (including chillar plant, data floor lighting, office space, etc.)
  • Over 114,000 gallons of desiel fuel on-site for over three days of continues operations at full load
  • N+1 chiller plant with over 200 30-ton Liebert units providing air flow through raised flooring

CF Foundry's setup with QTS includes redundant power feeds and redundant internet feeds to all equipment racks. Within these environments, CF Foundry uses redundant network switches, firewalls, and other network infrastructure to provide N+1 fault tolerance for all core networking operations that feed our hosting, colocation, and SaaS opetions.

To learn more about QTS' Suwanee data center, check out their website.

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