Website Hosting Fees

Website Hosting Fees

Paid Hosting Service vs Free Hosting Service. Which do you choose and why?

Paid Hosting and Premium Hosting

  • Customer service
  • Shared server (or dedicated server depending on the monthly subscription price)
  • More reliable service - more uptime, quicker load speeds
  • Backups (online or in house) - in case of site crash or failure, your information can be retrieved in a moment's notice
  • Larger bandwidth - can be used for videos, document upload and retrieval, etc...
  • No paid advertisements - unless you put them on your site!
  • Less wait times for reboot
  • Will help with switching from one carrier to another
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Free advise

Free or Budget Hosting

  • Poor customer service
  • Shared server with hundreds of other sites
  • Decreased refresh speeds
  • Decreased upload speeds
  • Paid advertisements - you are not allowed to choose which ones or where they are placed
  • No free backups
  • Longer wait times for reboot


Keep in mind that not everyone will benefit from all of these services. If your company is brand new (less than a year old), you may not want to pay extra for hosting until your revenue increases or your workload demands better service from your hosting provider. If you're currently paying several hundred dollars for hosting, but not receiving all the above, it may be time to switch providers. Weigh your current level of success and future growth with what you have today. If you can foresee a change, it is much easier to adapt to change before you NEED to.

Web Hosting With CF Foundry

CF Foundry is a small-business ally. We work hard for you so you can work hard doing your business. We offer free advise for all our clients, whether you are wanting to grow your business and need marketing advice, need to upgrade your computers or software, need to target a specific audience and don't know your message. We treat all our clients as family and with the utmost respect. We are here to help you grow. Let's do this together!


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