Creating the Best Call To Action

Creating the Best Call To Action

What exactly is a "Call to Action" you ask? Well, in short, it is a button or link that you're asking your site visitors to click on - so they can get to the next step. These buttons can be an Add To Cart, Learn More, Download (something for free), Sign up For Newsletter, etc....

The primary reason for having these calls to action is to help build your email marketing list. Once they click on a button or link, the next screen is usually a form for them to fill out. Does this seem like a tricky way to get someone's email address? Well, not really. If they are interested in what you're offering, they will give you their email and contact information anyways. This just circumvents the song and dance routine to get their contact info. You're telling them right up front what you offer, what you expect from them and what they can receive in return. Pretty clever!

Now that we know what they are for, where do we put them so site visitors can see them? Good question! Are you running a sale or promotion for a limited time, are you offering something for free, are you advertising a fund raiser? Depending on what you are advertising is where it should go. Something for a limited time should be at the top of the page. Something like a newsletter should be at the top of your sidebar so it's the first thing visitors see. Be careful not to bombard them with calls to action - that makes you look deperate. Above all, make sure the visitor doesn't need to scroll to see it.

Appearance is everything from the color, size, wording and shape, to attract people within a few seconds of hitting your site.

With the right tools, businesses of all sizes can grow their customer base. We here at CF Foundry know the benefits and tricks of the trade and will help you succeed with little out of pocket costs. Give us a call at 678-701-4426 and ask to speak to Marc. You'll be glad you did!


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