Avoiding Website Redesign Failures

Avoiding Website Redesign Failures

As an Atlanta, GA website development and full managed marketing services company for small to medium sized businesses, CF Foundry consults with companies that are building their own websites, as well as providing full website design services. One issue that arises time and time again is the pitfalls associated with website redesign. Many times, companies either repeat the mistakes with their current site or act to make changes without a sound plan. The end results is that money is invested in redesigning the site that doesn't produce the expected and necessary return on that investment.

  • Scope creep – Scope creep (the changing scope of a website development project) isn't unique to website development; scope creep is a potential problem in virtually any project. Scope creep can be caused by many factors (including those listed below) and has the potential to significantly and negatively impact the project timeline and cost. Scope creep is a frustration for all of those involved in the project. Avoid scope creep by establishing firm, realistic goals for the website redesign, ensure that the necessary stakeholders (including decision makers, decision influencers, focus groups, etc.) have buy-in and participation from the beginning. Also, it is critical to document the goals, business needs, audience, and overall objectives of the project before you start.
  • Underestimating content development – As prevalent as scope creep is, a failure to identify and develop the required content for the website is probably the most common mistake.  By failing to guage the required content, you're virtually ensuring scope creep and/or an overall failure of the website project as it proceeds without the required content.
  • Non-participation of key stakeholders – Ensuring the participation of stakeholders, which includes the decision makes, decision influencers for the website development internally, as well as focus groups, customer feedback, is vital for the success of any website redesign project. Prior to starting a website redesign project, ensure that you identify the stakeholders, obtain their buy-in, and obtain their commitment for supporting the project throughout its duration
  • Iterative review and feedback – Throughout the website redesign project, feedback needs to be solicited. This feedback needs to considered between the stakeholders with changes integrated throughout the development as a result. The project scope should allow for this integration of changes.


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