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Small Business Services

Small business have small budgets - not small business needs. Like larger companies, corporate branding, marketing and advertising are critical to the company's ability to generate and sustain revenue. Additionally, small businesses typically have minimal support resources and limited experience in successfully marketing to desired markets - as well as constant flux in competitors. CF Foundry provides a full range of electronic and print marketing services for small businesses that include:

  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Branding
  • Brochures
  • Trade Show Materials
  • Business Cards, Stationary

One Provider to Service Both IT and Marketing Needs

CF Foundry is one of the few service providers that can provide both marketing and web application development services, augmenting and unifying the existing marketing and IT efforts of small businesses. From sole proprietorships to companies with a few hundred employees, CF Foundry develops tailored solutions that allows these businesses to target their clients and prospects with the specific messaging and tools that they need. 

Custom Web Applications for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have critical IT needs for web-based applications to be competitive in the marketplace. In addition, many business develop creative visions for unique web applications that have never existed before and would differentiate them in the marketplace, drive investment revenue, and provide significant growth for their business, but these web applications remain out of reach for these businesses as the cost for designing and developing a custom web application are prohibitive for these companies. Also, these business are often exposed to organizations that charge fees for development services that are geared towards large businesses that can absorb large IT development budgets. CF Foundry works in micro-teams that are geared to quickly determine a business's needs and the most cost effective way to implement those needs.