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Recruiter Networks and Applicant Tracking Systems

Recruiter Network Applications

Recruiter networks have extensive and specialized needs that go beyond traditional CMS and even ATS systems. For member driven recruiter networks, the network needs to provide comprehensive services that include: 

  • Recruiter & firm management
  • Candidate Management
  • Job tracking and predictive matching
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Vertical market specialization
  • Priority job positioning
  • Extensive reporting for candidate, recruiter, and job activities.
  • Jobs board/portal
  • Integration with key ATS applications like PC Recruiter
  • Integrated billing, settlement, and reconciliation for placements, splits, membership billing, etc.

Custom Functionality to Meet Your Network's Needs

CF Foundry has built custom solutions from simple job boards to complete > 1000 members recruiter networks that need to manage a complex interaction of candidates, recruiters, firms, administrative staff, and job postings. From First Interview to the National Banking Network, CF Foundry has created robust solutions that allow these networks to operate and manage their entire network's operations from a single web application. Ancillary applications are integrated as well, such as email and file storage services, to provide recruiter networks with a full solution that doesn't necessitate multiple disparate applications and service providers.

Scalable, Extensible and Highly Configurable

Built on the latest ColdFusion and Mura CMS platforms, CF Foundry utilizes tools that provide longevity and open source solutions to the core application platform. Hosted in CF Foundry's data center, CF Foundry is able to offer failover server configuration and load balancing to ensure high availability for these and other critical business applications. Using the rapid application development (RAD) platform provided by J2EE, ColdFusion and Mura, CF Foundry can provide the most robust solutions on the most scalable and extensible platforms to provide for future growth and needs.