True Blue Solar Shield

Ron Akins approached CF Foundry in 2014 with a need for full marketing services for his own product, True Blue Solar Shield. True Blue Solar Shield (TBSS) is a remarkable radiant barrier attic insulation for residential usage. It is an eco-friendly, two-sided insulation with recycled cotton on one site and a reflective metallic foil layer on the other side. According to TBSS, when applied to the roofing rafters in an attic, the insulation averages 95% efficiency and reflected 97% of solar radiated heat, keeping attics warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Full Integrated Marketing Services

With the launch of TBSS, Ron needed full marketing services from CF Foundry. TBSS needed a website to serve as both as a reference and as a sales tool. In addition to the website, business cards, trade show banners, and other marketing material were needed to supplement the website with a unified marketing message that stressed the earth-friendly and energy savings characteristics of TBSS.  CF Foundry's integrated marketing efforts ensured uniform value proposition messaging and related imagery across all print and electronic media to emphasize the quality and value of the TBSS product.

Mura Website Development

CF Foundry built the TBSS website using CF Foundry's default website development environment - Mura CMS running on ColdFusion and the Jrun J2EE application server. The site design was based on the HTML5/CSS3 responsive Bootstrap 3 framework. Visual elements, such as the the responsive owl carousel, were integrated to add more visual depth to the flat design elements inherent with Boostrap. All content is managed through the Mura CMS, allowing TBSS to update any of the information, including content that is generally fairly static, such as the slider imagery and footer content.