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National Banking Network

National Business Network (NBN) approached CF Foundry in 2013 to help bring their two splits recruiter networks, and, up-to-date and fix critical errors with the systems. NBN's two web applications, originally written in ColdFusion in 2006, are well-recognized, industry-leading job matching websites used by recruiters and candidates in the banking and accounting fields. These websites provide critical functionality for candidates performing job searches, as well as recruiters managing candidates and jobs, making placement matches and managing the financial splits.

Modernizing ColdFusion Web Applications

When NBN approached CF Foundry, NBN was coming off of working with two different development firms to update their web applications applications with little success. CF Foundry consulted with NBN to outline the best-path-forward for NBN to work with CF Foundry to bring the NBN websites up-to-date with critical new features, including mobile friendly services. What followed was an aggressive nine month project to modernize these applications and solving critical business issues that centered around improved self-service tools for recruiters and candidates alike.

In addressing the application performance and functional issues, CF Foundry had touch all areas of the application from database optimization to the core ColdFusion custom application framework and CMS Pipeline Interactive. The core ColdFusion based business logic for event handling, email processing, user authentication services all required significant overhaul, as well as modernizing the web logic/UI to incorporate modern HTML5/CSS3 elements.

CF Foundry continues its relationship with NBN into 2015, continuing incremental improvements on the web applications while initiating new projects with the NPA Worldwide recruitment network, which acquired NBN in 2014.