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Heritage Appliance Repair

Heritage Appliance Repair is located in Buford, Georgia and been serving the greater Northeast Georgia area for over 20 years. Heritage provides appliance repair on all major brands of home appliances, as well as ancillary services, such as HVAC and clothes dryer vent cleaning.

Heritage Appliance Repair, a locally owned and operated company, approached CF Foundry in February, 2015 to create a website that would be informative to customers and present a competitive advantage over the other repair companies in the Heritage service area.

The Challenge

Heritage challenged CF Foundry by needing a visually compelling and informative website that would serve as a viable lead-generation platform. Heritage also needed a social media and business directory presence to help push lead generation. Heritage works in a highly competitive environment with limited margins and numerous big-brand competitors. As a result, brand development and consistent well-performing SERP for the website was critical. Heritage also had multiple websites that were not ranking in Google and were presenting dated, conflicting information and needed updating branding. Finally, Heritage had a limited expertise for websites or marketing and had bad previous experiences with marketing efforts, so it was critical to develop a marketing strategy that would be sustainable for Heritage. 

Mura and ColdFusion Website Solution

CF Foundry worked with Heritage to uncover the previous marketing initiatives' failures, as well as to determine Heritage's competitive advantages. This allowed CF Foundry to determine the key content components for the website. CF Foundry integrated this information into a website featuring the Mura CMS running on ColdFusion Enterprise located in CF Foundry's Buford, GA data center. The website featured a modern, full-width layout design based on the HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap 3 framework. Checkout HeritageApplianceRepair.com to see Heritage's new website in action. Heritage's other websites were shut down and email services were also migrated over to CF Foundry's hosted email services.

The Results

Heritage Appliance Repair's owner, Albert Clayton, says it best, "CF Foundry managed to take our convoluted situation and somehow managed to create an informative website that looks great. Add to that the fact that the website was done ahead of time and on budget. I'm very impressed." Heritage's website is now on a scalable, extensible platform that features easy updating for the Heritage staff.