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Atlanta Autohaus

Atlanta Autohaus, located in Roswell, Georgia is one of the leading Mercedes specialty repair shops in the metro Altanta area. Under a recent management change, the new Chief Service Advisor, Chuck Hendricks approached CF Foundry in July, 2015 to expand their online presence and build a new website in an effort to draw in new business.

The Challenge

Atlanta Autohaus challenged CF Foundry to take their current website and develop an up-to-date, informative, comprehensive and presentable site with the intent on strengthening their Search Engine Optimization and bring new customers to their door. Chief Service Advisor, Chuck Hendricks, wanted to shift their current website's focus, which presented the business as a specialty Mercedes shop, and emphasize to potential customers that, while they're certified to service Mercedes and other European sedans, they also service all makes and models of vehicles. 

Mura and ColdFusion Website Solution

CF Foundry sat down with Atlanta Autohaus in order to discover the issues they were experiencing with their current website, as well as the angles they wished to emphasize in order to drum up new business. Through this, we were able to establish a clear picture of their key troubles and design their new website, focusing on the elements which Atlanta Autohaus felt would get the phone ringing and establish a regular client base. 

The updated website features a full-width layout, using the HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap 3 framework, Coldfusion development for extended functionality and accessable features tied into the Mura content management system, allowing the end user to update or change certain features of the site in the future as they see fit. 

Check out to see Atlanta Autohaus' new website in action.

The Results

Chief Service Advisor, Chuck Hendricks, was extremely pleased with the update we provided, saying, "CF Foundry took our old, outdated website and turned it into a clean and cohesive presentation of the new Atlanta Autohaus image. We're showing up on Google's first page now thanks the the SEO services provided by CF Foundry, and in just a few weeks, we've had a noteable increase in business! This is exactly what we were looking for and are very pleased with the results!"

Atlanta Autohaus now features a scalable, cohesive platform that allows them to implement their own updates and changes as they see fit.