Advanced Plan for Health

Advanced Plan for Health (APH), located in Irving, Texas, is a key solution provider in the Population Health Management (PHM) market. As a PHM service provider, Advanced Plan for Health provides advanced analytics that allow their clients to optimize their health care plans by identifying how the the plan can better provide services that are tuned for the highest cost claimants. 

APH approached CF Foundry in 2014 with a variety of needs as APH looked to re-approach the population health market with their unique phenotyping predictive modeling engine. APH needed to deliver strong messaging across multiple media, including a new website and new trade show banners and related electronic media. CF Foundry worked closely with the APH staff to not only build the new marketing materials, but to also integrate APH's brand new branding for their modeling engine, "Poindexter".

Mura Website Development

CF Foundry worked closely with APH to develop informational content that focused on APH's core business benefits and the Poindexter branding. CF Foundry integrated this information into a website featuring the Mura CMS running on Linux, Apache, and Ralio in APH's HIPAA complaint data center. The website featured a modern, full-width layout design based on the HTML5/CSS3 Bootstrap 3 framework. Checkout to see APH's new website in action.

Trade Show Materials

To match the branding and messaging of the new website, CF Foundry produced new trade show materials for APH. These materials included roll-up banners, branded give-a-way products, and electronic informational displays with custom iPad apps. These materials feature the Poindexter character and the core messaging that differentiates APH in the marketplace.