CF Foundry Overview

Founded in 2014, the CF Foundry staff has been providing web based application development, website development and marketing services in Sugar Hill, GA since 2005. Our core vision is to bring engaging websites and powerful web applications, as well as other marketing services, to companies that need these critical resources but lack the necessary infrastructure or experience to perform the services in-house.

The CF Foundry Advantage

CF Foundry is unique in the ability to provide design, development (coding), and hosting of websites and web applications, as well as other marketing services including SEO/SEM, printed collaterals, branding, etc. This allows businesses to work with a single solution provider to mitigate cost while maximizing efficiency for any of their web application or marketing needs. In addition, CF Foundry's sole solution provider capability and breadth of services helps larger companies unify marketing and IT groups on marketing and application development projects, while allowing small businesses to offload much of the design and analysis efforts through CF Foundry's integrated consulting services.

Our Process

CF Foundry was founded on an iterative process that maximizes the team's talents called "Design | Build | Grow". This process integrates all phases of a project's development with consulting services that guide customers through the development process and help them explore the impact of their projects with their business needs and competitive marketplace. For small businesses, this helps ensure that their investment in any applications or marketing efforts will have a positive impact on their revenue and market growth. For larger businesses, this helps ensure that CF Foundry understands the context of the project to provide services that are cohesive with the company vision, branding, and identified business goals.